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Arcadis NV is a global engineering, design and management consultancy based in Zuida, Amsterdam, Netherlands. It currently has more than 350 offices in 40 countries. This company is also a member of the Next 150 index. Sustainability is at the heart of what they do and they are focused on maximizing their impact to improve quality of life. The solutions they develop respond to important social challenges related to sustainability, places and mobility.

 Leveraging data and technology, they have the skills and services to meet customer demands driven by global trends such as urbanization, climate change, digitization, changing stakeholder expectations and potential unexpected events. They integrate sustainability into everything they do and use their wealth of knowledge and skills to provide clients with competitive, sustainable, efficient and planet-friendly solutions.

The world has changed the way they live and work. Unexpected events and megatrends such as rapid urbanization and climate change are putting pressure on communities, cities and natural resources around the world. As a company, they want to maximize their impact by harnessing the power of technology and data to develop solutions to today’s global challenges. They focus on improving the use of resources, protecting the environment, creating transport solutions and designing places where they can enjoy their work and home life.

About Us

Nederlandsche Heidemaatschappij founded  Arcadis in 1888 as a specialist in land acquisition. In the following decades, the company participated in various development projects, initially in rural areas. After a reorganization in 1972, during which the company was split up, it became Heidemij. During 1993, the company merged with North American firms Geraghty and Miller, resulting in a listing in the Nasdaq index. In 1997, the company adopted its current name, Arcadis; the affiliate brands were also changed in the same way.

 Since 1990, the company has expanded greatly through a series of acquisitions and mergers that have allowed it to expand its presence in existing markets and enter new markets. It provides planning and consulting services to a wide range of companies. Arcadis (either directly or through subsidiaries) has been involved in a number of high-profile construction projects, including London City Airport and the A2 motorway. They stand out for their talented and passionate people, a unique combination of active lifecycle capabilities, deep market sectors and an ability to seamlessly integrate health and safety, sustainability and digital components into the design of their solutions worldwide.

 They care about each other and create a safe and respectful work environment where their people can grow, develop and succeed. They are passionate about their clients’ success and bring knowledge, flexibility and innovation to create value. They always work to the highest professional and ethical standards and build trust by being open, honest and responsible. They base their activities towards clients and communities on environmental responsibility and social and economic development. They value the power of diversity and their global capabilities and deliver excellence by working as one Arcadis.

Working With Us

Arcadis’ services are in high demand as they address some of the world’s most pressing issues, including urbanization, climate change, digitization and societal expectations. They operate from a strong position  with established local stations through which they transmit their global knowledge. They integrate sustainability into all their solutions and  their project delivery increasingly includes digital components to increase efficiency and  productive application of big data.

These tools help improve end users’ vision for their clients. Their extensive expertise, diverse client list, full lifecycle capabilities and strong global footprint form a strong foundation for the future development of their business. The determination and resourcefulness of these employees, combined with strong markets and  attractive  opportunities, especially in environmental mitigation and infrastructure projects, create a positive outlook for Arcadis. However, they must remember that the pandemic continues to create uncertainty and increased inequality around the world, as  evidenced by  significant differences between regional vaccination rates.

How to apply for jobs at Arcadis

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