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Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget (General Swedish Electrical Limited Company, ASEA) was established in 1883 by Ludvig Fredholm[6] in Västerås as maker of electrical light and generators.

Darker, Boveri and Cie (BBC) was shaped in 1891 in Baden, Switzerland, by Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown and Walter Boveri[7] as a Swiss gathering of electrical organizations delivering AC and DC engines, generators, steam turbines and transformers.

ABB is a technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. With over 130 years of innovation history, ABB has four consumer-focused and globally prominent businesses: electrification, industrial automation, motion and robotics

ABB around the world.[vague]

ABB was made as the aftereffect of the merger of ASEA and BBC in 1988. The last had procured Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon in 1967. The previous CEO of ASEA, Percy Barnevik, moved toward becoming CEO of ABB, until his acquiescence in 1996.

it Transformer in Iowa being transported by the Iowa Interstate Railroad.

ABB is the product of a number of acquisitions and mergers, but primarily by ASEA and BBC in 1988, two of the most prestigious and well-known names in the history of European electrical engineering, formerly known as Brewton Bowery.

In 1990, ABB acquired Westinghouse’s metering and control division (the heap control division was spun off to Cannon Technologies in the late 1990s and the meter division was spun off to Elster Electricity in the mid 2000s). Likewise, in the mid 1990s, bought Combustion Engineering (C-E), headquartered in Stamford and Norwalk, Connecticut, a main U.S. firm in the advancement of traditional non-renewable energy source control and atomic power supply frameworks to break into the North American market. Klaus Agthe was CEO of the US activity at the time.

Proceeding with its development plans, ABB acquired Elsag Bailey,[8] a procedure mechanization gathering, in 1997 which included Bailey Controls, Hartmann and Braun, and Fischer and Porter. This was the biggest procurement to date in ABB’s history.

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