Finding a job in a city like Dubai is very difficult. However, now the market in Dubai is growing and creating vacancies. There are some things you should keep in mind if you want to get a job quickly, and we can go over them all on this page. If you know exactly how the application process works, it will be easy.

Searching for jobs in Dubai may seem difficult and time-consuming, but with a few tweaks, one can quickly succeed. We will help you with that.

  • Check about the job vacancies you want

First of all, you need to find out where there are job vacancies. Our page will help you find a job that suits you, we update all the job vacancies every day. Not being able to find a suitable job is the problem of most people.

Starting with Google might be simple to comprehend, though. The hitch here is that the job seeker needs to be very clear about the area of the business they are aiming for. Try Dubai’s construction firms instead of just typing “Dubai civil engineering jobs” and go to the official websites of your prospective employers. It must be extremely vital to do research on the precise organisations you need to apply to based on your qualifications.

  • Get a visa

The next step is acquiring a visa, an obvious prerequisite when looking for work or permanent residence in Dubai. Staying in Dubai without a visa is difficult.

Getting a work visa will be easier if you are employed by a company in Dubai. For this to happen, you need to apply and be selected for the job before you arrive in Dubai.

You can get a visiting visa from your home country and go to Dubai lot. It will have a period of time. Then you have to renew it from Dubai. You can go on a visiting visa to seek a job and then get a job in a company and they will give you a visa.

  • Make You Different  from others

Make it easy for a hiring manager to select you above other applicants. Be sure to highlight your experiences and qualifications that set you apart from the large majority of other applicants.

If you speak several languages, have experience working for large global corporations, have worked outside of your home country, and have recognised qualifications or certificates, your chances of landing a position will increase significantly.

  • Make a Good CV.

Your cv should be well and professional. It should not contain any spelling or grammatical errors or irrelevant information that is poorly formatted. It should be professional, accurate and to the point. Search for online resources to help you prepare a good CV if you are looking for a job in Dubai.

If you have a professional agent helping you find a job in Dubai, they will usually send you CVs and cover letters.

  • Consider hiring agencies

Sending your resume to as many employment agencies as you can is worthwhile. The employment agencies with proven track records in the Middle East and industry expertise are your best bet.

  • Check Dubai’s major companies’ websites

Browse the websites of Dubai’s largest corporations and go through their job listings. It may be worthwhile to apply directly through a company’s website if you locate a position that suits you.

Contact our international career consultant Hannah Mason or leave a comment below if you need help with your Dubai CV or job hunt, and we’ll do our best to assist.

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