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Jobs and Careers at NMC, UAE

Are you looking forward to work at NMC, UAE? Then you are at the right spot. Huntjobz will help you find latest job vacancies and will inform you on latest job news.NMC Healthcare is a healthcare provider based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. NMC healthcare has been recognised for its high-quality medical services, and has won several awards. NMC Healthcare offers a range of job opportunities into various fields.


About us

NMC Healthcare was founded in 1974 by Dr. B.R. Shetty. NMC healthcare is now currently one of the largest private healthcare providers in the UAE, operating across the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia. NMC Healthcare provides wide range of medical services, including Hospitals and Medicals Centres, Fertility services, Long-term Care, Day Surgery Centres, and Medical Laboratories.

In addition to its medical services, NMC Healthcare is also involved in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and medical supplies. It operates a number of pharmacies across the UAE and is involved in the manufacture and distribution of medical equipment and supplies.

NMC Healthcare has been recognized for its high quality services and has won several awards, including the Dubai Quality Award and the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award. However, the company has faced significant financial difficulties in the recent years, leading to the filing of bankruptcy in 2020.

Several investigations revealed financial irregularities in the company’s accounts, including understanding debt levels and inflating profits. The founder and former CEO, DR B. R. Shetty, resigned and there have been on-going legal proceedings in the company financial practises.

Work at NMC, UAE

NMC Healthcare has a network of hospitals and medical centres that offer general and specialized medical services. These facilities have state-of –the-art medical equipment and technology and are staffed by highly trained medical professionals.

NMC healthcare services also operate a number of fertility centres in the UAE. They offer a range of services including, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and other fertility treatments.

In addition, NMC Healthcare also provides long-term care services for patients who require on-going medical support and care, such as those with chronic illness or disabilities. Also, the medical laboratories offer a range of diagnostic services, including pathology, microbiology, and imaging.


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