Are you are interested in working at NMC Healthcare UAE, Huntjobz will provide you with latest job vacancies at NMC Healthcare UAE, and also learn about the company culture and values. We provide information directly from company websites; we are void of all kinds of fraud and fake news’s.

NMC Healthcare offers a range of job opportunities for individual’s interested in working in the healthcare industry. NMC Healthcare recruits for a wide range of positions in the health care industry, including medical professionals, IT and Technical Staff, Administrative and Support Staff, Sales and Marketing Staff. The recruitment process for NMC Healthcare may vary depending on the position and locations.

NMC Healthcare employs a range of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists.  These professionals work across the company’s hospitals, medical centres, and other facilities. NMC Healthcare also employs administrative and supportive staff, including receptionists, medical coders, and billing specialities. These staff members provide essential support to the medical professionals working in the company’s facilities.

It’s the IT and Technical staff of NMC Healthcare that operates and maintains the medical equipment and technology system of the company. As NMC Healthcare is also involved in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and medical supplies, staffs are required in to the sales and promotion department.

Furthermore, NMC Healthcare has a range of policies that govern its operations and ensure that the company operates in a responsible and ethical manner. It is these policies ensure that NMC Healthcare operates in a responsible and ethical manner and complies with relevant laws and regulations. Some of the key policies include quality and patient safety policy, code of conduct and ethics policy, health safety and environment policy, anti-bribery and corruption policy, and human resources policy.

Front Office Executive – UAENDUBAI
Assistant Safety Officer/Document controller – UAENDUBAI
Patient Relations Executive – UAENDUBAI
Pharmacist – UAENDUBAI
Physiotherapist – UAENDUBAI
Junior Laboratory Technician – UAENDUBAI
Biomedical Engineer – UAENDUBAI
Marketing Executive – UAENDUBAI
Customer Care Executive – UAENDUBAI
Call Center AgentDUBAI
Call Center SupervisorDUBAI
Call Center Agent – UAENDUBAI
Specialist Obstetrics & GynaecologyDUBAI
Interventional CardiologistDUBAI
Specialist PaediatricDUBAI
Plastic Surgeon(Aesthetic)DUBAI
Registered Nurse – OPD (UAEN)DUBAI
Registered Nurse – Gastro OPD (UAEN)DUBAI
Registered Nurse – Dental OPD (UAEN)DUBAI

Huntjobz has listed latest job vacancies. In order to apply, submit an online application form through the company’s website. Also upload your resume and cover letter, highlighting your qualifications. Depending on the job position NMC may conduct some assessments like interview and background checks.

NB: We, Huntjobz only provided latest information on job vacancies. We are not recruiters of any kind. We directly/indirectly are not responsible for any hiring procedures. 

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