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BMW’s product range includes luxury cars and motorcycles, as well as engines and motorcycles under the Husqvarna brand. The company’s car model range includes the 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series, i3, i8, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, and Z4. BMW’s motorcycle range includes the C, F, G, R, and S series.

BMW’s core values are based on innovation, precision, and performance. The company is known for its focus on technology, design, and engineering excellence, which has helped it to establish itself as a leader in the luxury car market. BMW is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and is always striving to improve its vehicles and make them more efficient, more powerful, and more comfortable.

One of the key innovations that BMW has been working on in recent years is electric and hybrid technology. The company has been at the forefront of the electric car revolution, and has developed a range of electric and hybrid vehicles that are designed to be more efficient, more powerful, and more environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline-powered cars. BMW’s i3 electric car and i8 hybrid sports car are both examples of this cutting-edge technology.

Praktikant Global Business Solution Consulting (w/m/x)
Teamleiter Planung & Steuerung BMW Welt (w/m/x)
Product Owner Virtual Validation – Software Factory (f/m/x)
Enterprise Architekt – CAD & PDM-/PLM-Software (w/m/x)
Production Process Specialist – Body Shop (f/m/x)
Software Engineer – Production Quality Internal Manufacturers (w/m/x)
QMT Exterior Components Coordinator
Maintenance Expert Coordinator for Paint Shop
Praktikant Führungskräfteentwicklung und -qualifizierung (w/m/x)
Werkstudent Qualitätsmanagement (w/m/x)
Praktikant Internationale Arbeitseinsätze und Global Assignments (w/m/x)
Praktikant Ergebnissteuerung, Controlling Motorsport BMW M GmbH (w/m/x)
CCU Spezialist für Software und Variantenmanagement (w/m/x)
Praktikant Customer Experience und Regional Area Management (w/m/x)
Praktikant Digitalisierung Produktion – Funkortung (w/m/x)
Intern Production Steering, Industrial Engineering and Lean Management (f/m/x)
Praktikant Entwicklung Grundmotor und Antriebsstrang (w/m/x)
Praktikant Verpackungsentwicklung Lackierte Karosserie (w/m/x)
Teamleiter Facility Management BMW Welt (w/m/x)
Entwicklungsingenieur Elektrische Sicherheit (w/m/x)
Entwicklungsingenieur / Wärmemanagement HVS (w/m/x)
Launch Trainer Assembly (w/m/x)
Spezialist Direkter Einkauf (w/m/x)
Qualitätsmanager Antrieb (w/m/x)
System Architekt IT (w/m/x)
Control Specialist (f/m/x)
Series Material Planner (f/m/x)
Werkstudent Projektsteuerung im Bereich Aggregatelager (w/m/x)
Praktikant Beratung der Organisationsentwicklung (w/m/x)
Specialist Finance: Corporate Tax
International Innovation and Research Intern (Spring 2024)
Parts Logistics Co-op (Spring 2024)
Praktikant Leadership Partner Team (w/m/x)
Praktikant Produktion mit Schwerpunkten Innovation und Digitalisierung (w/m/x)
Logistics Engineer (f/m/x)
Praktikant Produktmanagement für Digitale Dienste (w/m/x)
Praktikum als Datenanalyst im Business Continuity Management
Praktikant Motorrad-Entwicklung Gesamtfahrzeug (w/m/x)
Studienabschlussarbeit Recycling von biobasierten Materialien nach Fahrzeug Ende
Praktikant Gesundheitsmanagement (w/m/x)
Praktikant Analyse Hochvoltspeicher (w/m/x)
Praktikant im Bereich Operative Künstliche Intelligenz für die Fügetechnik in der Produktion (w/m/x)
Praktikant im Bereich Operative Künstliche Intelligenz in der Produktion (w/m/x)
Praktikant Herstellung von Interieur Komponenten (w/m/x)
Praktikum im Bereich Marketing / Event
Praktikant Personal IT Projekte (w/m/x)
Praktikant Softwareentwicklung (w/m/x)
Kfz-Mechatroniker (w/m/x)
Konzeptkonstrukteur Türsystem (w/m/x)
Coordinator Security Mexico City & Toluca

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