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Prior to KAHRAMAA’s Establishment

Mid 1900’s to 1940’s: From the mid 1900’s to the late 1940’s, no data is accessible about the status of the supply of water and power in Qatar. Records demonstrate that Qatar’s first Oil Well in Dukhan began generation in 1940 and first oil shipment was traded in 1949.

These are pointers that substantial perpetual networks may have been set up around that period requiring supported water and power for survival and industry.

Mid 1950’s – Late 1960’s

• The supply of water and power were constrained by the British. They went under two separate divisions, the State Electricity Department and the State Water Department. Qatar was then a British Protectorate.

• First Desalination Plant with a limit of 150,000 magnificent gallons for every day was worked in 1953.

• The main diesel fueled power station was worked in Mushaireb, positioned where the Le Mirage Hotel currently stands.

• The Ras Abu Aboud control station started activity in 1963 utilizing steam turbines.

• Ras Abu Aboud desalination plant started refining water over a similar period.

• Desalinated water was put away in ground supplies and water towers at that point trucked by water tankers to customers.

• All clients of water and power paid for the administration.

KAHRAMAA oversaw, on account of the astute initiative of H.H. Sheik Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar and His legislature, to finish fundamental power and water ventures, while putting resources into framework to adapt to the exhaustive improvement and the expanding request. It draws near KAHRAMAA national obligation as lea​ding State enterprise.

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