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The Modern History of Abu Dhabi began when the clan of Bani Yas debouched from their country Liwa looking for new water and new fields.

In 1761, crisp water was found in Abu Dhabi (named “Maleeh” at the time, got from salt, in reference to the salinised land that reaches out along the coastline of the island. The new name originated from the way that Abu Dhabi “Father of the Gazelle” is home to countless gazelles), where Bani Yas dwelled, angled and plunged for pearls.

Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates and the largest of the seven emirates. The Emirate is located on the border of Saudi Arabia, the Oman Sultanate and the Arabian Gulf. The emirate, which includes 200 islands, has a coastline of 700 km.

Soon after, Sheik Shakhbut container Dhiyab receptacle Isa Al Nahyan, the chieftain of Bani Yas, settled in the Island of Abu Dhabi and manufactured a square fortification with a watchtower (Al Hosn Palace) to secure the city. He was likewise ready to fortify the nearby economy by joining the local clans. The authority of Abu Dhabi Tribes Alliance at the time extended from southern skirts of Qatar along the coastline to Dubai; it even achieved Al Buraimi, and Al Dhahirah areas and the city had the option to set up an intense naval force power nearby its ground power.

All through the ninetieth and until the finish of the twentieth century, Abu Dhabi thrived in a prospering economy attributable to pearls exchange.

Since the start, the Al Nahyans uncovered enormous political understanding, where Sheik Saeed Bin Tahnoon united the stronghold to shield the city from aggressors; and after him Sheik Zayed container Khalifa who ruled Abu Dhabi for the greater part a century. During his rule, in spite of the retreat in earlier years, Abu Dhabi developed into the most prosperous city in the locale, wherein exchange charged, rural extension expanded considerably, and plunging season became famous once more.

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 7 of 2008, the Statistics Center Abu Dhabi (SCAD) was established as the sole source of statutory statistics in the Emirates. It aims to develop accurate and reliable statistics on social, economic, environmental and other conditions to provide reliable data to decision makers.

Abu Dhabi’s Statistical Yearbook, released by SCAD, is an important annual publication that gives decision makers, businesspeople, researchers, and everyone involved in statistics various indicators of demographic, economic, social, environmental, health and educational development. Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Not exclusively did Sheik Zayed receptacle Khalifa take a shot at social and political changes, yet in addition prevailing in the rebuilding of solidarity and rationality to the locale because of the unions with the clans outside the fringes of the Emirate.

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