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Latest Job Openings in Australia

Job Openings in Australia – Apply Now

Our Founder and CEO, Gary Valkenburg, was really a café/retail mentor for about 20 years. As Gary invested energy venturing to the far corners of the planet opening eateries and preparing staff, he understood there was actually no control or consistency of areas at a head office level. Every area and each broad administrator was doing anything they desired and not following organization strategies and norms. That is the place Gary concocted the thought and requirement for World Manager. He set out to give the most easy to use stage in the market for the two workers and heads. The objective was to make a stage to enable each CEO to prepare, track and speak with representatives, in addition to control organization consistence broadly and internationally.

One of Gary’s fortes in preparing was showing representatives deals and up-selling aptitudes. When he began World Manager he made a guarantee that he would not up-sell his customers, and would not bolt them into the standard long haul contracts.

“In my 20 years of preparing one of the key objectives was to show staff how to up-sell. Additionally, a typical income producing system in business is to ‘increment your wallet share by pitching more to your current customers’. I was so tired of the business deals systems and the long haul contracts, I set out to break the customs and be the preparation business’ greatest market disruptor.” – Gary Valkenburg

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