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Above 500 Latest Jobs at Samsung in World Wide

Job Openings at Samsung – Apply Now

While uploading your resume you accept the terms and conditions mentioned herein. The uploading of your resume does not in any way bind Samsung to shortlist you for interview neither does it create any binding contract between you and Samsung of any nature.You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for content accuracy of your resume.

In case your resume is shortlisted and later on the representations made by you in your resume are found to be false in such a case Samsung reserves the right to reject your candidature at any time.
By providing your personal information for inclusion in our database, you acknowledge that you consent to your information being used as described here.

We maintain transparent accounting through accurate accounting records.

We record and manage all transactions accurately to make all stakeholders clearly understand our business activities comply with accounting standards that are used internationally, as well as accounting regulations of each country. As prescribed by law, we are transparent with company information and the main aspects of management, such as financial changes in the company.

We do not intervene in politics and maintain neutrality.

We respect political rights and political decisions of a person, and do not conduct political activity within the company. We do not use the company’s funds, manpower, facilities, etc. for political purposes.

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