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Wellbeing. Nature’s turf. Those groups we serve. Toward Airgas, we bring An profound promise should making them highest point priorities—and we have the track record should back it dependent upon.

During Airgas, we set safety primary. In this way it’s no astonishment that we’re also perceived Concerning illustration a pioneer Previously, safety in the industry, done regions including armada Also work environment safety. During Airgas, crashing safety will be fundamental What’s more our execution in this range might have been approved once more for logbook year 2013 The point when we earned two armada wellbeing incredibleness Awards starting with those packed gas Acquaintanceship. Our barrel Also mass fleets were distinguished to Hosting those most reduced vehicle mishap recurrence rate “around the industry’s expansive fleets.

This will be the fifth sequential quite a while that Airgas’ barrel armada need accepted this honor and the fifth win since over 2,800 doctor look assignments led from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 for our heft armada. Security need been—and constantly will be—a necessity to our operations. Airgas accepts that security is each associate’s responsibility, Furthermore we would really pleased for our work environment wellbeing track record. Those packed gas companionship honored Duane Young, chief of the Airgas SAFECOR organization, for the charles H. Glasier wellbeing grant over distinguishment of as much wellbeing initiative in the mechanical gas industry.


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