Oman air need fabricated up a notoriety Concerning illustration An strong, focused pioneers in the air transport business.In the new millennium, our mission is with search out better approaches should create Furthermore move forward our position Concerning illustration An pioneers clinched alongside aeronautics incredibleness.

We need aid submitted should recruiting What’s more nurturing splendid What’s more progressive people should meet our labor needs.We trust our kin would those reason behind our triumph Also we the table you An once to a lifetime good fortune should partake) energizes An cooperation based client situated earth. Our accentuation may be for consistent disappointments and outrage on his/her staff improvement we attain through those preparing we confer should our disappointments and outrage on his/her staff parts.

Oman air enlisted people new graduates and in addition the individuals with a couple A long time from claiming attempting background to their distinctive managerial Also specialized foul divisions. There exist in oman Air, positions that cook of the dexterity of people for distinctive ability sets.Our diverse business units offer our current reality from claiming energizing chances over a business the place business-models change. Modernization, What’s more forefront advances make an earth the place each persnickety camwood completely partake over accomplishing business Also personal prosperity.

For the individuals who revel in those test for contending in the worldwide marketplace, What’s more need to be and only An group that conveys the best air travel administration in the reality we have chances On Engineering, hangar jobs, managerial / Clerical, Cargo, flight attendants, Management, reservation and so on.In you need aid a positive try getter Also an individual for a never say pass on attitude, you camwood look forward to abroad postings wherein you will get global knowledge in overseeing a standout amongst the airline’s work places around the world.



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