Since its origin clinched alongside kuwait over clinched alongside 1964, History of the U gathering need developed under a standout amongst those biggest Furthermore The greater part fruitful enterprises in the center east and north africa area (MENA).

Publicly exchanged on the kuwait stock trade (FOOD. KW), History of the U assembly is figured out how on world-class corporate standards, for exercises spanning 13 nations Furthermore An payroll about In 63,000 workers from 21 nationalities. History of the U Group’s principle lines from claiming business are operating nourishment & drink outlets, and also manufacturing sustenance results. With An organize from claiming over 1,700 outlets, it may be not main the biggest driver about restaurant chains in the MENA region, as well as a standout amongst the mossycup oak effective establishment operators in the entire globe.

The Group’s organize includes 12 of the world’s The majority perceived brands in the fast Service, easy feasting and fine feasting categories, for example, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s, TGI Friday’s, red Lobster, olive Garden, LongHorn, expense pull swelling Coffee, Krispy Kreme and, the vast majority recently, the counter. Previously, addition, History of the U Group’s careful understanding about center eastern tastes need headed it on make 6 of its identity or homegrown brands, which bring ended up being Similarly as fruitful with shoppers as their worldwide counterparts.

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