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Latest Job Vacancies at Ramboll Group

One October morning in 1945,

two youthful architects, Børge Johannes Rambøll and Johan Georg Hannemann, stood next to each other on the top of the Danish Technical University where they worked in the focal point of Copenhagen.

“We remained there on the rooftop and discussed the organization we needed to build up,” reviewed Børge Johannes Rambøll numerous years after the fact. “Imagine a scenario in which we set up somewhat firm of our own.

It worked out that Rambøll and Hannemann were an ideal match; Rambøll, a visionary humanist with incredible authority abilities supplemented Hannemann, a very capable designer with a style for specialized subtleties.

A moral business with a human measurement

Being observer to the decimation of the Second World War, Ramboll and Hannemann felt a compelling impulse to help create and re-assemble society.

From the earliest starting point, they had an unmistakable vision for how a dependable organization should act and carry on. They wished to guarantee a long haul future for the organization and the way to this was carrying on tolerably and decently – with customers as well as with one another.

“Treat all others as you wish them to treat yourself,” Børge Johannes Rambøll was partial to stating and this thought still stays one of the core values of the organization.

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