Lulu Hypermarket, those retail division of the multidimensional Furthermore multinational lulu bunch universal need dependably been known as a pattern setter of the retail industry in the district.

Today, lulu symbolizes nature retailing with 133 saves What’s more may be hugely mainstream for those perceiving customers crosswise over the Gulf area. For its pleasant What’s more novel variety from the typical supermarkets, lulu offers an ultra-modern shopping atmosphere Toward coordinating at possible needs of the shoppers under particular case top. Lulu Hypermarkets bring extensively laid out counters, sprawling stopping spaces, assume territories to children, sustenance court, cash return Also bank counters Furthermore An panoply for global Furthermore territorial brands relevantly justifying its tagline, ‘LuLu, the place the reality hails will shop’.

Lulu Hypermarkets not just speck those urban areas of the UAE Yet bring turned the practically favored shopping destinations in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, saudi arabia India,Indonesia Also malaysia. With ended up a positively worldwide retail mark by holding our no. 1 position in the composed retail division of the locales we work over and strive with make the practically favored head honcho to our current What’s more future multi-ethnic workers.

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