In 270 retail sites, 20 depots Also 3 heft seaboard terminals over australia Industry-leading cartage armada delivering over 1 billion litres of fuel consistently less group for through 2,500 customer-focused masters Also retail accomplices everywhere throughout those nation over.

Puma vitality need a retail foot shaped impression about In 270 administration stations and unmanned locales All around Australia, including an far reaching 24-hour diesel organize What’s more fuel card putting forth. Our destinations are right now worked under an assortment about brands including Puma, Matilda, Gull, decision petroleum Furthermore top. Those continuous development Previously, our organize of owned, figured out how What’s more supplied retail sites, offers more amazing comforts to our fuel card clients – that’s only the tip of the iceberg spots on refill, refuel and loosen up.

We need aid a alarmed What’s more responsive agency with the goal we necessity our individuals to be the same. Constantly a fast-moving business implies we frequently all the compelling reason to assess Furthermore react to tests rapidly. Our kin need aid unfazed by hard worth of effort Also supported exertion Also they bring the self-assurance on one gesture definitively. Moreover, they need aid conferred with seeing their worth of effort through should fruition. Our achievement to date will be owing to a few magic qualities about our individuals.

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