The Lufthansa Group is a worldwide aeronautics bunch with what added up to more than 550 subsidiaries Furthermore value ventures. In the monetary year 2016, they were organized under the passementerie aerial shuttle Group, Logistics, MRO, catering What’s more different segments.

The greater part segments possess a heading position for their particular business sectors. For 2016, the Lufthansa assembly produced income from claiming EUR 31. 7bn. In year-end 2016, the Lufthansa bunch required what added up to 124,306 representatives around the world. The Lufthansa assembly contributed EUR 2. 2 billion On 2016, some EUR 300 million under initially arranged. Those downright financing volume might have been In this way 13 percentage down on the prior-year period, owing generally will postponements Previously, new flying machine conveyances.

Concerning illustration An result, allowed money stream expanded Toward 36. 5 % on EUR 1. 1 billion. Deutsche Lufthansa ag need those management Furthermore supervisory structures average to organizations to Germany. Those official table is answerable for overseeing the organization What’s more characterizing its vital heading. Over finishing so, the point may be should increment particular organization esteem sustainably. Those supervisory table appoints, advises What’s more supervises those official board. Deutsche Lufthansa ag will be those guardian shares of the organization and the biggest solitary working shares of the organization in the Lufthansa aggregation.

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